The following letter from the Jensen family to the SWT was received Sunday August 2nd, 2005.  
As the family of Marcus Jensen we just wish to let the SWT organization know how pleased we are that the annual team trophy has been named in memory of Marcus.  We would much rather he had gone on for many years competing in your tournaments but we are proud and gratified that you have seen fit to remember our son and brother in this manner.  With Marcus' sense of humour he might have said that this is the only way he would get his name on that trophy.
Even when we lived in southern Alberta Marcus was interested in fishing.  We have a picture of him about seven years old practicing his casting with his Canadian Tire rod and reel from the trampoline.  When we moved to Saskatchewan his interest in the sport bloomed into a real passion.  The SWAT tournaments he entered were always a positive experience for him and he came home more committed to the sport after each outing.  We were always impressed by how he, as a rookie, was accepted and made to feel like one of the group.  After Marcus passed away and we looked at his laptop computer most of the favorite sites on the internet that he had bookmarked were fishing sites and fishing discussion forums.  It was fun and interesting to browse these forums to see what he was talking about on there.  It seemed he was just as full of questions about fishing as he was about everything else when he was a youngster.  It was astonishing to us how Marcus' death was brought up on these forums, the obituary was published and so many kind comments were made.
What I really want to emphasize in this note is how well Marcus was treated as an amateur competitor in the SWT organization.  I am sure he will be remembered in different ways:  the young fellow with no end of questions; the guy who had epilepsy and had seizures in, I think, three of his tournaments but was never made to feel awkward because of these incidents; or maybe the quiet kid who just wanted to be out on the water trying his best to win.  Of course, the first pro he went out with was Chris Kindraka and Marcus thought this was the way to live.  We heard an awful lot about spending his life as a tournament fisherman.  There is no doubt that if Marcus had gone on to live many more years he would have remained an active and dedicated member of your group.
Being as proud of Marcus as we are, we think it is fitting he has a fishing award named in his memory.  He loved the sport, he loved the competition and he really admired and respected the people he became acquainted with through fishing.  There wasn't much quit in Marcus; he didn't let the epilepsy hold him back and his experiences with horses here on the farm showed his true character.  He always got back on even after a rough ride.  That part of his character pretty much came through in most aspects of his life.  Letters we received after his death from students he went to university with were a real joy to read.
Once again, thanks to the Saskatchewan Walleye Trail organization and its members for the happiness Marcus got from his association with you and we know he would join us in wishing all of you many great days on the water.
Barbara, Don, Micaela and Stephen Jensen
I don't think this merits article status but we would somehow like the SWT to know how proud we are to see this award in Marcus' name and that the internet address for that page has been e-mailed to friends and family in Canada and Europe.
Thanks very much
Don Jensen