Memberships will be valid from date of purchase until May 1, 2019.  
  Youth Members
Youth members must be accompanied by a responsible adult and will abide by and accept the same terms, condition of membership and waivers as shown below. If a Youth or their guardian do not wish to agree with the photo release they must indicate this in writing and present to a Saskatchewan Walleye Trail Board of Directors Executive Member prior to the start of the of the event rules meeting.

I understand that the Saskatchewan Walleye Trail is a sporting event comprised of combined standings from each of the member tournaments. The trail committee shall act as the referee in disputes only related to the Trail and not for  individual tournament operations. All decisions made by this committee will be final and without legal appeal.

Photo and Video release
As a participant in a member tournament of the Saskatchewan Walleye Trail, I understand and agree that my photograph and/or Videotapes of me may be taken during the course of my participation by the tournament and Trail organizers, Media or sponsors. I agree that photographs, film, video, or printed articles taken of me during such participation may be used for commercial purposes and promotions without royalties or payment of any kind.

Release of Liability  (Read carefully before purchasing/renewing membership) 
I acknowledge that I am voluntarily participating in the member tournaments included in the Saskatchewan Walleye Trail. In consideration of my being allowed to and agreeing to participate I hereby acknowledge that neither the Government of Saskatchewan, nor the Saskatchewan Walleye Trail, nor the administrators of the member tournaments, nor any of their respective employees, servants, contractors, agents or volunteers (hereinafter called  "the releasees") shall be liable for any damage to property, bodily injury, or loss of life arising howsoever, including through negligence of the releasees or any of them, from or by reason of my participation in the said Saskatchewan Walleye Trail, and I hereby release and discharge the releasees or any of them from any and all actions, claims or demands which I may have against or all of the releasees, and to indemnify and hold harmless the releasees or any of them against any and all liabilities, actions, claims and demands that may be made against the releasees or any of them, arising from or by reason of my participation in the said Trail, whether arising by reason of the negligence of the releasees or any of them, the condition of the premises or equipment used, or in any matter whatsoever. I agree as a Saskatchewan Walleye Trail member to have current liability insurance on my boat and equipment.

Code of Conduct  - NEW  (Read carefully before purchasing/renewing membership)
Members of the Saskatchewan Walleye Trail (SWT) agree to act in a professional and courteous manner on and off the water.  We are expected to respect and be considerate to tournament organizers, fellow anglers and the general public.   The SWT through a committee struck from the board of directors reserves the right to take action against any member behaving outside our expected code of conduct and take corrective measures to resolve the situation.  Actions could involve a warning, removal of SWT points or revoking a membership.  All decisions made by this committee will be final and without legal appeal.

  Awards and Prizes  
  All SWT and/or sponsored prizes, categories and awards are subject to change. For whatever reason that a sponsors prize is no longer available it is not the responsibility of the Saskatchewan Walleye Trail to replace the prize or award. The prize/award category will be eliminated.  

If you have read and agree to all above waivers, releases and agree to abide by all rules & regulations and statements of the SWT, click on the "I Agree" button to proceed with your membership purchase.


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