Marc (right) Elbow 2005

Marc and Dad, Mike, 2009 Team of the year

  Marc Coupland and his Dad have been fishing tournaments in Saskatchewan as long as there has been tournaments in Saskatchewan and their fishing prowess was evident last year when they won the SWT Team of the Year award.

Looking at the 2005 photo of Marc you can see that he obviously either lifts a lot of heavy walleye (which he actually does) or he is spending a lot of time at the gym.

Not only is he an excellent tournament angler but he achieved another milestone by winning the Overall Mens Bodybuilding Champion category at the SABBA 2010 Novice Championships held in Prince Albert this past weekend.  Photos and details can be seen at

If you see Marc congratulate him on his victory but you may want to refrain from shaking his hand. it looks like it could be painful.

      Dave D
April 14, 2010