SWT members Lance Marcotte and Karen Soke win the first CWT Rafferty Reservoir Walleye Cup.  They won the one day event with 5 fish weighing 20.05 lbs and it looks like they also had the biggest fish of the tournament (7 lbs.).  

Other SWT members with notable finishes were:
Glen Boehme/Donnie Lyon, 6th with 14.25 lbs.
Tim Geni/Ardon Rosom, 9th with 12.51 lbs.

  This was actually the second walleye tournament of the year in the south of the province.  The Estevan Wildlife Federation Boundry Dam Walleye Classic was held a week earlier on May 9th and SWT members did very well at that tournament.  

Ardon Rosom, 2nd
Glen Boehme/Jeremy Mayer, 4th
Tim Geni, 5th
Steve Malo, 8th
Lance Marcotte/Karen Soke, 9th
Cody Degelman, 10th

  Congrats to all the SWT members that that did well in these early tournaments, it is a nice way to start the season.