Doug Cramer didn't want to wait for Jack Frost to release his grip on our lakes so he headed to Chamberlain for a tournament.  I'm not talking about the town north of Regina but Chamberlain, SD where he and Kelly Turcotte fished the The Fishing Crew's (the South Dakota Walleye Trail) first tournament of the year on the Missouri River at Lake Francis Case on April 13.

Doug said the prefishing weather was great but tournament day a cold front with cooler temps and high winds rolled in (sounds like a typical tournament weather pattern).  The 5 foot waves didn't stop them from going out and catching enough fish to put them into 18th spot and qualify for the fall championship on Waubay Lake, SD on August 16, 17.

Congratulations Doug and Kelly

This got me thinking that perhaps this winter, the next one, if this one ever ends.  We should look at getting 3 or 4 SWT teams together, find an appropriate tournament and head down south.  We could call it the SWT preseason camp.


D Deutscher