2013 Bill Mair Sportsman of the Year - Len Partridge



Len Partridge (left) and Dave Deutscher

  Each year members of the Saskatchewan Walleye Trail elect a person from their peers to receive the Bill Mair Sportsman of the Year Award.  The intent of the award is to recognize individuals that have exhibited exceptional sportsman like qualities.

This year I was honored to have the task of presenting the award to Len Partridge.  Len has been a member of the SWT since our inception and has missed very few tournaments in the past 20 years.  He is always willing to talk to people about fishing and through his various partners I believe he may have introduced more people to tournament fishing than any other SWT angler.  Len's motivation is that he absolutely loves competitive fishing and I am sure he will be participating for many more years.  In my mind, one of Len's most sportsman like qualities is that no matter where he finishes in a tournament he rarely misses the awards ceremony and the opportunity to congratulate those teams that have done well.

Len, this award was very well deserved and overdue.  We look forward to seeing you on the water next season.

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D Deutscher