I am sure that many of you have seen or heard of the news that Tim Geni a long time SWT member caught an ice fishing world record walleye in the live release category while fishing Last Mountain Lake in January.

Not only did Tim catch a world record walleye but he did it while hosting the owners of PKlures and they were able to video tape Tim's catch.  What more could a company ask for than to have their prostaff catch a world class fish and they were there to watch.  Read the Tourism Saskatchewan newsletter for full details.

This story doesn't end here.  Those of us that fish competitively know that it is not uncommon for an angler or team to get on a roll and have a series of success'.  Well, Tim's roll appears to be starting as he just won the Pokey's Tackle ice fishing derby held on Pasqua lake (March 6).  Tim just edged out the second place winners 2.35 lb tullibee with a 2.53 lb tullibee.

If you run into Tim on the water (or ice) be sure to congratulate him for these recent accomplishments.


Dave D, March 7, 2011