Normally I like to report on SWT members success' at non SWT tournaments but I do give priority to SWT tournaments and am less likely to stay at the computer late at night to get the "other" tournament reports out.  So, due to my own busy tournament schedule and other distractions, mostly keeping several acres of grass cut during this wet summer I have been behind on my extracurricular website work.  Therefore, I apologize to Jason and Colby for this late report.  


Jason Nelson (left) and Colby Kivol

  After a slow prefish, Jason and Colby returned to the one spot that did produce fish for them before the tournament and ended up putting together two consistent days for a total weight of 31.7 lbs to take home the first place cheque.

Other SWT members also did well:  Daryl Dean & Tim Geni - 3rd, Andre Laberge - 4th, Terry Ewanchyna - 6th, Dave Deutscher - 7th, Barry Cafferata - 9th.  This is going by memory and poor pictures of the leader board so I may stand corrected.

As Robin would say (not ours but the more famous one)  " Holy Mike & Marc Coupland Batman, Nelson won again".  Last year, Mike and Marc won Riverhurst and went on to win Duncairn the following weekend.  Jason repeated that feat this year as he also won the Duncairn tournament with a weight of 26.4 lbs.  I will have to suggest to the winners of the 2011 Riverhurst tournament, if they aren't entered into Duncairn it would be in their best interest to enter.  Sounds like a sure thing.




D Deutscher