Daryl Dean with daughter Hayley and Hayley's 17 lb. pike

  Recall an article last year titled Ashley's big pike showing Daryl with his two daughters and a 20 lb pike that Ashley caught.

Keeping in family tradition, this year it was Hayley's turn and not to be outdone by her older sister's large fish, Hayley landed this 17 lb pike on their opening day outing to lake Diefenbaker.  This is an amazing fish that most adults would be proud to catch but Hayley is just 7 years old and to top it off she reeled it in by herself.

I have known Daryl for about 20 years and have met his daughters on several occasions, they are great kids.  Daryl, you're doing an excellent job, I nominate you "SuperDad".

Hayley, when I see you at the next tournament I want to hear all the details.


D Deutscher  May 9, 2010