While most of us were fishing the south end of Last Mountain Lake last weekend, Dawson Houdek with his parents, Simon and Leann, was fishing further north and hooked into this nice pike.

I think Ashley and Hayley Dean are going to have some serious competition in the huge pike category.

Here is Dad's recount of Dawson's catch.


While everybody else was further south at Regina Beach, I decided to take my family to Rowan's Ravine to see Rob and Donna, and do some big pike fishing.

We arrived Friday evening and by 9:30am on Saturday we were off to try our luck. We ended up going into one of the many back bays in the area. From an anchored position, my wife Leann, started to cast spoons while Dawson, three, and myself threw out herring rigs that were under bobbers. It wasn't long before Leann caught a 12-14 pounder. Shortly thereafter, while watching Leann, we heard a kerplunk. We turned around to see Dawson's bobber two feet under the water. He was using his Grandpa's rod which is about thirty years old and was mainly used for small trout on the Charlottes. After letting the pike devour that herring, I told Dawson to start reeling in. That pike screamed line off of Dawson's reel, and he loved every bit of it. After a mad three or four minute fight, Dawson turned to his mom (I was videotaping), and said, "My arms are tired". Leann took over, and in short time we had that big pike in the net. It was easily in the 16-18 pound range. Dawson was so happy! He's been telling everyone the big pike story ever since. We went on to catch a few more fish and have a nice, relaxing weekend.

PS I'd be lying if I told you that I didn't think about Regina Beach once or twice.


Simon Houdek, June 9, 2010