My first comment about the 2009 Vanity Cup is, I'm sure glad it wasn't on the Thanksgiving long weekend this year, would have been a touch on the cool side.

The weights were the lowest since the 2005 tournament where it took only 23.4 pounds to make the money and it was an odd bite that nipped many of the teams including Clarence and myself.  Performing some simple analysis on the stats I see that only 45/160 teams improved their standing from day 1 to day 2 and even worse, 15 of the top 25 teams from day 1 didn't make the stage and 9 of those teams blanked on day 2.

The tough bite is what makes SWT member Glen Boehme's 1st place finish even more outstanding.  Glen and his partner Garth came in after day 1 with a 31.75 lb weight giving them a 2.85 lb lead over the second place team.  They backed this up with 25.8 lbs on day 2 for the tournament win with a 1.5 lb cushion.

Glen just came on the SWT tournament scene in 2006 and has put in a lot of hard work that has paid off with some decent SWT weights and his win of last weekends Vanity Cup.  Glen will definitely be an angler to watch in the 2010 season, not to mention that he now has $25,000 in seed money to get him started.

Nine other SWT anglers made the top ten, Rob Furutani with Greg Earis, Paul Brunette with Wayne Tumak, Tim Geni, Mike Toniello with Rob Ditomaso, Marlin Hovrisko and Brian Oestreicher.

Congratulations to Glen and all the other SWT anglers that did well at the Vanity.

Complete results may be viewed at the Nipawin Vanity Cup Website.

Dave D
October 12, 2009