HaberVision, supplier of premium sunglasses, goggles and bags has offered the Saskatchewan Walleye Trail an Affinity Membership.  What does this mean to you?  By going to the HaberVision website and entering the Affinity Code "SWT" members and friends of the SWT will receive a 50% discount on HaberVision products.  

To take advantage of this discount, go to the HaberVision website through one of the links below and register (login) as a member, these links will automatically embed the SWT code and you will be setup to receive the Affinity member discounts.

  A percentage of all sales purchased using the SWT code will be returned to the Saskatchewan Walleye Trail.  This will help us continue to improve our tournament circuit so encourage friends and family to check out HaberVision and use the SWT code to make their purchases.  

Use one of these links to automatically embed the SWT code.

       Fishing Page 

  We also have sunglasses with built-in Bi-Focals.  The Kenai and Belize. 

  Prescription sunglasses are available now too and start at only $125.   Simply download the form