SWT members, we are proud to announce a sponsorship agreement that we have inked with WavePro Hi-Performance Boat Pedestals. These pedestals are the real deal when it comes to big wave softening. We are receiving a pedestal and seat mount valued at $1000.00 Canadian that we will be awarding BEFORE ELBOW!!!  
  The WavePro contest is also being used to promote the purchase of on-line SWT membership purchase.  
  The Rules for the program

1. You must be an SWT member using the on-line sign up, before May 1, 2016.  The winner will be chosen by random draw.

2, You must Like and Share the Wave Pro Facebook Page.

3. You agree to use the WavePro Pedestal in your boat for the year and give us a review of the product after the Sask Landing tourney for FB and the WavePro webpage.

4. You agree not to give away or sell the product for the first year. You just use it.  If this criteria isn't met the winning member may become ineligible for future SWT draw prizes.