I am pleased to announce that Normark Canada whose exclusive Canadian brands include Rapala, Gamakatsu, Storm, Sufix and many more top lines will be supporting the Saskatchewan Walleye Trail this year by supplying each 2014 member * with a 10 pack of Gamakatsu # 6 octopus hooks. 

I have used Gamakatsu hooks for many years and can attest they are a premium product that is extremely sharp, thin and strong.  Hooks will be provided to members when they purchase their membership at the rules meetings.  Members that purchased on-line memberships will also be able to pick up at rules meeting.

Normark has also generously supplied us with 4 Rapala Concept Ti rods.  The Concept Ti rods are Rapala's high end rod that is light weight and uses all top end components.  We have received the NT85SP72ML1 rods which are a 7'2" one piece spinning rod that weighs in at 3.36 oz and is rated for 4-10 lb test line. These are an excellent walleye rigging rod.  The Concept rods retail in the $299.95 range.  We will determine the award category for these rods at our next exec. meeting and will announce shortly after.  Anyone with ideas for an award category you would like to see considered can email me.

Please visit the Rapala Canada website for more info on these or other Rapala products or download the exclusive Canadian catalog.


email:  D Deutscher

  * to a max of 300 members