After winning the draw for a free entry to the Lake Winnipeg NAIFC ice fishing tournament Tony Hadi and Travis Taylor did the SWT proud taking 4th place with a weight of 19 lbs 4 1/2 oz.  Glen Boehme also attended and placed 10th with a weight of 14.5 lbs.  
  Teams placing in the top 10 qualify for a spot in the championship tournament held at Rhinelander, Wisconsin on Dec 17, 2011.  
  Tony and Travis reported that they had a great time at this event and indicated this format was a great concept and would go over well here in Saskatchewan.  They are preparing an article with pictures to be posted soon.  

Dave D

  Update:  Glen fished with Kelly Miller and as stated above came in 10th.  Glen is very much looking forward to attending the championship later this year.  Glen also noted that he really enjoyed the event and the accommodations at the casino, only 10 minutes away from the lake.  

Congratulations to Tony Hadi, winner of the NAIFC entry draw.  If you see or talk to Toni before January 9th, wish him luck.

  The NAIFC Lake Winnipeg organizers have graciously donated a free entry to the SWT.  The entry will be given to an SWT member based on an email draw system and will be available to anglers with a paid 2010 Saskatchewan Walleye Trail membership. 

The winner of the entry will be responsible for their own transportation to and accommodation during the event.  Deadline for entries will be Wednesday, December 15, 2010 at 6 pm.

  Only one entry per member is allowed and I will send an acknowledgement response to each email received.  It will be each entrants responsibility to confirm that they have received an acknowledgement confirming their entry to the draw and to contact me if not received.  

Dave Deutscher

  The Saskatchewan Walleye Trail (SWT) is not affiliated with the NAIFC or the Lake Winnipeg event organizers and has no control over the event or activities occurring during, before or after the event.  The SWT is not responsible for any injuries, mishaps or liabilities that may be incurred by the team using the SWT entry while travelling to or from the event or during the event including prefishing and post tournament events.

By entering the draw you are acknowledging your agreement to the conditions set out by this disclaimer.