Dear Members, 

If you have been keeping up with your SWT news you will know that the Fort Qu’Appelle volunteer fire fighters informed us a few day prior to the AGM that they have decided to discontinue their tournament which brought us down to four events this year.   

Unfortunately Last Mountain Lake is experiencing major flooding problems and we were just informed this afternoon that the Regina Beach tournament will be cancelled as well.  This was to be their 20 year tournament so it was with great regret that the Regina Beach Lions made this decision but I have seen video and pictures of the flooding and the waters are expected to rise even further so there is no doubt in my mind that they made the right decision.  Ken Peters’ letter to the SWT has more detail and is posted on our website. 

The SWT directors are already working hard to develop contingencies for our awards and prize structure and we will do our best to come up with a plan to deal with this reduced number of tournaments and try to be as fair as possible.  Please keep an eye on our website for updates and I will send emails for any major announcements.    

On a better note, I just received a call from the Elbow Wildlife Federation confirming their tournament is a go this year.  They also wanted to assure us that they are taking steps to improve the tournament and address some of the concerns that were raised last year.  One change is there will be committee boats anchored at both Coteau Bay and the marina harbour that will verify each teams return time at the end of the day.   

With the loss of two tournaments I sincerely hope that members that don’t usually fish Elbow or Sask Landing will put them onto their itinerary for this summer.  I just talked with someone tonight from the Elbow area that caught a 10+ lb walleye and have heard reports of others being caught as well.  If you check the Sask Landing stats on the website you will see that fishing at that tournament has just been getting better every year.  Hopefully we will see full fields at these tournaments this year.  

With the loss of two of our tournaments this will be a challenging year for the SWT but I am confident that our members will take it in stride and realize that we are faced with circumstances beyond our control and are doing our best to keep this one of the best circuits in North America. 

See you on the water,  

D Deutscher
May 11, 2011