Tournament Anglers Pass the Hat 

The Premiers Cup was held on Aug 6th and 7th in the town of Nipawin SK. During the rules night meeting, it was announced that there would be a fund raising dinner held the following evening at a local restaurant to raise funds for a young family with an 18 month old child that has cancer. These funds were to go directly to the family to help cover costs involved in fighting this terrible disease.  

Certainly this was a good idea and a great cause but how realistic would it be for much more than a handful of the anglers to attend on a tournament night. This did not sit well with one of the anglers in particular and he came up with a great way for everyone who wanted to contribute to the family. Brad Zimmer, a long time SWT member, stood up in the crowd and stated that he is going to pass a hat around for anybody who wishes to donate. A buzz started moving around the room and then spontaneous applause as Brad started collecting funds by passing a hat around and shortly after many others in the room joined in started passing their hats around. After all was said and done, the tournament anglers donated a total of $2,600.00. The Premierís Cup committee topped up this amount and a $3500 cheque was donated to the family at the Saturday evening awards ceremony.  They expressed their surprise to this donation and offered their sincere gratitude to the anglers and the organizing committee.  

Way to go Brad for standing up and finding a way where we all could help out.


Rob Furutani


Aug 11, 2010