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1. Marvin Koizumi and Cody Earl, Calgary, 52.85 lbs.
2. Simon Houdek of Saskatoon and Alexci Houdek of Pelican Narrows, 52.4 lbs.
3. Jerry Kruczek and Peter Rogalka of Winnipeg, 51.75 lbs.
4. Leonard Giroux and Leonard Dick of Slave Lake, Alta., 50.9 lbs.
5. Vernon Karle of Nipawin and Kevin Karle of Bonnyville, Alta., 47.85

6. Merv Edel and Tom Worbeck of Spruce Grove, Alta., 47.75
7. Jeffrey Hughs of Bonnyville, Alta., and Terrance Yuschyshyn of St. Paul, Alta., 47.15 lbs.
8. Tom Gintner of Calgary and Roger Shipley of Zenon Park, 46.5 lbs.
9. Raymond Lamy and Loren Yurkowski of Carrot River, 45.2 lbs.
10. Perry Pugh of Regina and Terry Mangel of Buena Vista, 45.1 lbs.

11. Glen Boehme of Regina and Grant Lonechild of Carlyle, 43.7 lbs.
12. Jim Brunette of Saskatoon and Shane Better of Regina, 43.6 lbs.
13. Tim and Christine Haynes of Regina, 43.45 lbs.
14. Keith and Janet Koch of Fox Valley, 42.3 lbs.
15. Brad and Carla Shrader of Lucky Lake, 41.55 lbs.

16. Sean Tuffs and Glenn McRae of Nipawin, 41.55 lbs.
17. Luke Sholter and Desi Serelo of Nipawin, 40.7 lbs.
18. Dan Dolinski of St. Albert, Alta., and Brian Dygdala of Saskatoon, 40.15 lbs.
19. Kari and Soile Soikkeli of Calgary, 37.3 lbs.
20. Gordon and Loretta Schneider of Alder Flats, Alta., 37.25 lbs.

21. Don Stokoteiny and Larry Bosiak of Dauphin, Mb., 37.2 lbs.
22. Ken McDonell and Trent Koeng of Medicine Hat, Alta., 37.2 lbs.;
23. Bryan and Barry Cafferta of Elbow, 36.8 lbs.
24. Ryan Johnston of Regina and Robert Stellek of Thorchild, Alta., 36.75 lbs.
25. Matt and Michelle Hrychuk of Nipawin, 36.2 lbs.