Change to Team & Angler of the Year Calculation  
  Our former practice of using the best 3 out of 4 tournaments to calculate points for Team of the Year and Angler of the Year has often been questioned, especially since we dropped to a 4 tournament season (we used 4/5 during 5 tournament seasons).  There are several examples in the past where the title was won based on the best 3/4 (or 4/5) tournaments where the outcome would have been different had the points been based on 4/4 or 5/5, therefore not rewarding the most consistent Angler or Team.

I looked back at our stats to 2005 (13 years of data) and found that only once was the Team award won by a team that hadn't fished all of the tournaments that year and same was true of the Angler award, only once was this awarded to an angler that did not fish all the tournaments.

We discussed this for feedback at the AGM in February and later had a discussion (via email) amongst the the new Board of Directors.  All but one agreed that the titles should be based on 4/4 and one director was OK with either system.  Based on this discussion  for the 2018 season, all tournaments will be used to determine the Team and Angler award.

The requirement for the Angler of the Year award to fish with at least 3 different partners will remain the same.

  Championship Challenge Qualification.  
  The board also discussed the rules to qualify for the Championship Challenge competition.  Although not by the same majority as the Team/Angler discussion, most board members were in favor of staying with the status quo or had no comment on the topic.

Some background information.  When we received our first boat from Lund it was decided to use it as a championship award that would be awarded to the team or angler that qualified by criteria based primarily on points and then had the highest finish among qualifiers at the last tournament of the year.  It was decided that the qualifiers would be the winner of any of the preceding tournaments that year, the winner of the previous year (starting in the 2nd year of the competition) and then after removing those anglers from the points list, the top 30 from the remaining anglers based on points accumulated that year.  Of course all anglers had to be SWT members.

I can't remember what year but at some point we also decided to include anyone that fished all previous tournaments that year.  This was included for two reasons.  To reward the anglers that supported all of our events by allowing them to compete in the Challenge and to promote all of the SWT events some of which weren't filling at that time.

The stats from the previous 13 years were also studied and only once was the event won by an angler that did not fish all of the tournaments that year. 

It was decided by the board that in keeping with the original intent of the Championship Challenge we will keep the same criteria to determine the Championship Challenge qualifiers.

In summary, stats from previous years show that our major and most competitive awards are won by our most serious anglers that are putting in the effort to fish all tournaments and are excelling at the sport.


Dave D