Sherry Forsyth sent me the following email dated March 29 and asked that I pass it on to our members.

I would like to point out that the SWT normally does not promote or discourage political discussion or otherwise of other groups but since this has the potential to impact lakes that many of our members fish on a regular basis we are making this available to you, our members and you can make your own decisions on these matters.

  Hello Dave,
Please find attached a document from the Lower Qu'Appelle Watershed - Quality and
Quantity Review - outlining their concerns and recommendations for solutions to protect our water. This document is encouraging as it supports our (SAWS) position in protecting our lake, restoring wetlands and providing recommendations for an equitable solution to flooding.  Please forward this information on to your contacts.  

Our work is far from being done.  We need to continue our opposition. The Common Ground Drainage Diversion project has been withdrawn, but not cancelled.  It will not go away. In order to continue our opposition to this terrible plan, we are asking for donations from our sports fishing communities, along with all other stakeholders, for donations that will cover legal expenses, media expenses, publications costs etc. Here is the work we have done so far.

1. Pipe Ceremony Nov 7, 2017 Treaty Four Governance Centre Fort Qu'Appelle
2. Provincial Petition
3. Federal Petition
4. Letters to Dustin Duncan, Minister of Environment, asking for a Round Table discussion.
5. Written response of water quality concerns to Canadian Environment Assessment Agency.
6. Round Table Discussion project
7. Facebook Page - Calling for a Sustainable Quill Lake Solution
8. Established website:
9. Received through the Freedom of Information files the meeting minutes of Dept of Environment, WSA and Qull Lakes Watershed Association.
10.Established a fund raising campaign and "GoFundMe" on-line donation page.

I understand that members of your organization prefer an on-line page for donations rather than sending a cheque through the mail.  Please keep in mind on-line donations incur a 10% service fee.  


We ask that your members donate as much or as little as they can.  The money will be used to pay for lawyers, media and publication and Round Table discussions for long term solutions.  We need to ensure the flooding issue is solved now.  We cannot be faced with this problem two or three years down the road.  

Please help us help you.  Thank you.

Sherry Forsyth
Saskatchewan Alliance for Water Sustainability
  Lower Qu'Appelle - Water Quality Quantity Discussion PDF