We have received the following letter fro the Saskatchewan Alliance for Water Security in hopes that our concerned members will sign the federal petition asking for and environmental assessment for any potential Quill Lakes diversion projects.  
We have prepared an on-line petition to the Federal Government. The petition we signed before Christmas was presented to the provincial legislature.
This petition will be presented to Parliament by Erin Weir, MLA. Some of you may have already signed the federal petition, however this is a reminder for those who have not.  We need many more signatures. As I mentioned in my earlier Update, the Canadian Environmental Assessment  Agency is currently reviewing our request, and many others, asking for an Environmental Impact Study before the diversion project can begin.  A petition with thousands of signatures will send a strong message to the CEAA. Public concern is one of the factors taken into consideration when determining whether or not an Environmental Assessment is required.   
I have attached the media release that has been circulated to the media.  The attachment also contains the link to access the petition.  Please do not hesitate to submit your signature as we hope to forward it on to Erin Weir, prior to CEAA decision making scheduled for early 2018. 
As always, thanks for your support.
Sherry Forsyth
Saskatchewan Alliance for Water Sustainability

Media News Release


Direct Link to Petition