Saskatchewan Landing Tournament Update

  I was contacted by the Sask Landing tournament chair and asked to remind our members of the April 1st deadline for grandfathered entries.  Spots are grandfathered to the angler that was shown as partner A at the 2015 tournament so keep this in mind if you are changing partners this year.  They already have a substantial weighting list so any spots not filled at the deadline will disappear fast.  In future tournaments the waiting list will also be grandfathered so teams will hold their position on the waiting list.  

March 12, 2016

  Fish Mortality (please read)  
  Being a summer tournament and on a large body of water, mortality and delayed mortality is more of a concern.  The first line of defence in reducing mortality is you, the angler.  Please read the Guidelines to Reducing Mortality that we published last year and take any steps necessary to improve your odds of keeping your catch healthy.

Not only do we want to keep the fish alive and releasable but keep in mind that a lot of money has been forfeited by teams that lost positions and pay cheques because they had fish that were deemed not releasable.