Update:  SWAT is now sold-out.  Email Geoff if you are interested in being on a back-up list or in future events.  March 23, 2014  
  Several years ago we ran what we called SWAT tournaments, for lack of a better memory I believe SWAT was the acronym for Saskatchewan Walleye Amateur Tournament.  At the 2014 AGM there was interest in holding another SWAT event this year and at our recent directors meeting it was decided to hold this at the Regina Beach tournament.

The following release was posted to the Saskatchewan Walleye Trail facebook page.  Please refer to the facebook page for updates and comments.

We have decided to have a SWAT tourney at the Regina Beach Tournament, on the Friday. Also we are having a Media Day that Day as well and this should help boost our exposure. I seen Willy Cole liked our status, so we are hoping to get him in a boat for sure on June 5th.......

The way the SWAT will work is we are starting small, to test this out. We are doing this at the Regina Beach tournament only this year.

This is open for 10 anglers to get in and that is all for this year. On the SWAT side. Plus we will be having Media in other boats as well, and just feel that this is an attainable number of boats.

Here are the Rules/Guidelines.

1. You cannot have ever fished a tournament before, and you cannot fish the Regina Beach tournament that weekend if you are entering the SWAT.

2. There is a $40.00 entry fee and you get a free SWT Membership, Plus chances at prizes and Draws.

3. We will be having prize packages for the top 3. This will consist of the Biggest single walleye caught.

4. To Sign up you must email our President Geoff Stadnyk, and he will email you back with payment instructions if you are one of the first 10 to sign up. Once paid. You are in, and further instructions will follow on the times to be where, ect.

Email. Geoff.S@westridge.ca

We hope to have a great turnout with this both with SWAT members and with Tournament anglers wanting to take these guys and gals out on the water, and help promote and expose the great side of tournament fishing.