Early this year Doug Cramer suggested we start a new competition with a goal of to achieve 3 objectives, provide another cash award for a lucky/skilled SWT team or member, to help fund raise for the SWT and to raise funds to be donated to a charity.

Doug's suggestion was to start a big fish pool with 50% of the pool being awarded to the member/team catching the biggest fish of the season (during one of the SWT events), 25% would be kept by the SWT for future expenditures and 25% would be donated to a charity chosen by the SWT executive.

The pool was an outstanding success with 142 of our members paying $20 to enter the pool.  The largest fish, weighing in at 11.86 lbs. was caught at the Sask Landing tournament by Clarence Neufeld and Garth MacLean.  Clarence and Garth were awarded a $1420 cheque at the Rowan's tournament awards night.

The charity selected for the donation was the Kids Help Phone and they were very pleased to accept our donation of $710.00 and gave us a thank you card with the hand written note shown below.


  Thank you to all the members that entered the pool and special thanks to Doug Cramer for suggesting this and donating to trophies for this award.