A new big fish competition has been started this year.  We are calling it the Cramer Big Fish Pool since it was Doug Cramer's idea and he is supplying the trophies for the award.

There is a $20 entry to be in the pool and entry is voluntary.  At the end of the season 50% of the pool proceeds will be awarded to the entered team that catches the largest walleye of the year at one of our 4 SWT tournaments.  25% will be donated to a charity or non profit organization and 25% will be retained by the SWT for future operations and/or awards.

Both team members must be SWT members and both must have bought into the pool prior to catching the fish.

This pool is not to be confused with the Kevin's Marine Big Fish Award that is available to all SWT members and is awarded at each SWT tournament.

To date 111 members have entered the pool.  The team of McDowell and Jasper took an early lead at Elbow with an 11.46 lb walleye but they have now been bumped out by Neufeld & McLean with their 11.86 lb walleye caught at Sask Landing.  Will this lead hold or will a bigger walleye be caught at the Rowan's Ravine tournament? 


D Deutscher, July29, 2014