Elbow Tournament Accommodations

  As many of you have heard there was a fire at Sarah's Cove Condos that damaged or destroyed several condos and unfortunately also compromised the sewer, water and electrical to the entire complex and therefore no condos will be available to rent this spring.

Please refer to the Elbow page of this website for available accommodations.

If you are unable to find anything contact Bryan at 306-867-3660 and he will attempt to find something for you.

The organizers of this event have constantly shown that they will bend over backwards for the teams fishing this tournament.  They have always had one of the best payout structures of Saskatchewan tournaments, they have opened a second weigh station and launch area at Coteau bay to make it easier for small crafts or those that don't wish to navigate the main lake and now several people are willing to open up their homes to make up for the temporary loss of rooms that resulted from the condo fires.

They definitely deserve our participation in their tournament.  I would like to ask all teams to try to make an effort to promote this event and let's try to get the number of teams up this year.