Last year, to celebrate our 20th year as a tournament circuit we awarded by draw, $500 dollar cheques to 20 lucky SWT members.  The winners of the draws are shown below.  For details on the draw and source of the funds refer to the webpage, 2013 updates and the April 28th update.  

Disclaimer:  The SWT and its directors are not responsible for any inaccuracies in this list.

Jim Brunette
Paul Brunette
Joel Campbell
Sheldon Crane
Ed Desjarlais
Ken Grant
Tony Hadi
Tom Johnston
Cameron Jones
Bob Kirkpatrick
Mike Lanz
Shane Mackenzie
Kevin Matiachuk
Clarence Neufeld
Maryann Ritmiller
Bryan Schlosser
Len Stettner
Derek Thomas
Grayson Wihlidal
Danny Williams