May 14, 2013
I received an email from Bryan C. (Lakeside Marina) yesterday morning and he figured Diefenbaker would be ice free by the end of the day.
  May 9, 2013
As you know, after consultation with the Ministry of Environment the Regina Beach Lions Club has decided to postpone the tournament because of probable flood conditions and the resulting No Wake rule that would be implemented on the lake.

We realize that this causes problems with many of our members that will be unable to make arrangements to fish the tournament at its new date.  We have already had many discussions with members that have contacted us and we have had extensive discussions among board members to come up with a plan that best suits our members and supports this required move to a September date.  Remember that this situation was caused by the weather and both the tournament organizers and the SWT are trying to make the best of the situation.

Not everyone will be happy with our solution but we feel that this is the best compromise.  Click here to see how the SWT awards and point system will be affected.  You may direct questions you may have to any SWT executive member of the board or post to the SWT forum.

  May 3, 2013, 9:40 PM
Due to likely flood conditions the Regina Beach organizing committee has made the decision to postpone the tournament to a later date in August and they have sent an email to entrants regarding this.  Since then we have received many emails and texts from our members questioning this and asking for more information.  We have been in contact with the organizers to discuss this.  Hopefully we will have more details for you within the next couple of days.  Please be patient and watch this website for further details.
  April 28, 2013
In celebration of our 20th year the SWT will be awarding by draw, 20 prizes of $500 each.  That's right $10,000 in extra awards, this is in addition to our regular awards plus the additional sponsor prizes we have secured for this year, more on this below.

The SWT executive wanted to award these prizes in a fair way and make it available to all of our active (fish at least one tournament) members so it was decided to have draws at the Last Mountain Fall tournament.  Members will receive one entry for each tournament fished, therefore if you fish all 5 tournaments you will have 5 chances to win but there will be a maximum of one win per member.  This was also voted on and approved by members attending the 2013 Annual General Meeting.

Where did this money come from you ask.  Well, for the past few years, knowing that our 20th year was approaching we have been setting aside some cash to utilize during our 20th year to make it our best ever.  This money was accumulated from various sources including membership dues, clothing sales and other fund raising ventures.  It should be noted that no fish enhancement money has ever been and never will be used for prize awards.

In addition to our 20 cash draws we also have several new prize categories.  Please note that rules for these following prizes and all SWT prizes and awards are subject to change and the SWT is not responsible to pay out these prizes or awards if they become unavailable for any reason.  Must be a current and paid SWT member to be eligible for all prizes.

INNOVATION CREDIT UNION will be provide a $1000 prize to the SWT member (or team) that has the highest aggregate weight in the 2 Lake Diefenbaker tournaments, Elbow and Sask Landing.

CRAMER LIVESTOCK NUTRITION will provide $100 awards for 45th and 55th at each of the 5 tournaments and $200 to go with the Heaviest One Day Weight of the year.

SMOOTH MOVE SEATS will provide a gift certificate for 2 Smooth Move Seats to the SWT member (or team) that advances the most places from day 1 to day 2 in a single tournament, in other words, the highest placings movement for all 5 Cool Under Pressure awards.  In case of a tie, award will go to the team that placed the highest in the event where they won the Cool Under Pressure award.  The will undoubtedly end up being called the Smooth Move award.

KLASS TACKLE will provide a $200 certificate for Class tackle for 35th spot at each tournament.

LOOMIS RODS will continue the Skeleton Challenge again this year.  SWT members that purchase a Loomis rod in 2013 and provide proof of purchase prior to the tournament, will be eligible.  Loomis will provide 2 rods at each event to be awarded to an individual or team that catches the biggest fish of the Skeleton Challenge registrants, if only one member of that team is registered they will win one rod and the second rod will go to the next biggest fish caught by a registrant.  At the Last Mountain Fall tournament, if a Skeleton Challenge registered team wins the big fish of tournament Loomis will award an additional $1500 cash in addition to any awards from the tournament or the big fish pool.  If the big fish winner is not a Skeleton Challenge participant the $1500 cash will not be awarded but in its place Loomis will provide $2000 in product to the largest walleye caught by a Skeleton Challenge registered team.  Note:  To qualify for the $1500 cash or $2000 product awards both team members must have purchased a Loomis rod from a Canadian Supplier after January 1st, 2013 and be registered in the Challenge.  Tournament big fish rules (i.e. live release) will apply in all cases.

Keep watching for more sponsors and prizes but don't forget we still have our many great sponsors from previous years.  These are the business' that have made the SWT the great circuit it is today and keep supporting us every year.

Note of a change for this year.  Due to problems with transporting merchandise prizes any team that wins a merchandise prize and is not at the awards ceremony or does not have someone to claim the award for them will forfeit the prize and it will be awarded to another team.  All cash awards and gift certificates will be mailed if the winners aren't in attendance.

  April 24, 2013
The start of the new season and our 20th year is approaching quickly.  We have continued to attract new sponsors and we will soon be making announcements on some new and special prizes and awards.

However with the good comes the bad, or at least potentially bad.  The unusually late spring and snow accumulation is threatening some of our tournaments.  Diefenbaker is still frozen solid, enough so that a moose was spotted today walking across the lake but we are confident that once the run off starts the ice will break up quickly and we are not anticipating any delay or problems with the Elbow tournament.

The Regina Beach Lions have expressed concerns about possible flooding again this year and the impact on their tournament, any new information will be posted here as soon as possible after I am notified so keep checking the website for updates.

Sask Landing should have no issues this year and will proceed as usual, note however that there is an error with the date on their entry form, the correct tournament dates are July 20, 21.  Corrected entry forms should be available soon.

Fort Qu'Appelle is a go again this year and if water conditions permit it will utilize all four lakes as usual, but of course high or low water could effect this.

The Last Mountain Fall tournament will be run by the Regina Fish and Game League again this year and we aren't anticipating any water level issues at this time.

Stay posted for any further updates.



  April 12, 2013
2013 will mark our 20th year as a tournament circuit, we weren't the first but if you look at the tournament circuits that have come and gone over the past years we are definitely one of the longest lasting in North America.

How have we accomplished this?  There is no single reason but when you combine awesome sponsors, a field of talented and dedicated anglers, hard working tournament organizers, a great group of volunteers running the SWT and some fabulous Saskatchewan fishing it is easy to see how we have managed to reach the 20 year milestone.

The SWT executive hopes to make this a banner year for all involved and we have already been in discussions with many of our existing sponsors and are making arrangements with new sponsors to make 2013 and even better year for our members and the business' that support us.

New sponsors to date are:

Ram Mounts
Cramer Livestock Nutrition
Mack's Lure
Tommy Harris Blades
H2O On The Go

Stay posted for details and further updates.

The Saskatchewan Walleye Trail wishes to thank all of our current and future sponsors for helping us make 2013 hopefully our best year ever.

Please refer to our Sponsors pages for more info on all the SWT sponsors.