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May 11, 2011


It is with regret that we are forced to cancel the Regina Beach Walleye Classic for June 4th & 5th 2011. The alternate date of June 25th just does not allow any change to assist.


Provincial Parks have shut down all boat launchs on the lake and announced no boats / wake zone due to heavy flooding and waters that are continuing to rise.


2012 will be the 20th Anniversary in lieu of this year.



bullet Gov't regualations
bullet boating safety
bullet no access to launch boats
bullet no access for weigh in area
bullet liability reasons
bullet flooding and still rising

Any entries that were rec'd prior to May 1st and cashed will be receiving a refund cheque in the mail (to person who sent entry in)

Any received since have been held without cashing pending decision and they will be returned in the mail as well

 Delvin and Linda Kushniryk win Estevan Season Opener

Thank you for your support and we hope to see you next year

Next years date will be announced on the web at shortly.


Lion Ken Peters & the Walleye Committee 2011



May 1, 2011

  As result of the Committee meeting on Thursday (April 28) the following is for your information 
bulletwater levels have exceeded expectation and apparently are to rise another 42 cm before mid May
bulletSE apparently is not putting in the loading docks at the boat launch as anchors are not accessable due to high water levels
bulletareas available for weigh in are being narrowed as water continues to rise however currently we are looking at the area just west of the main pier
bulletThe Walleye committee is monitoring the situation and will make a final decision on or before May 18th, 20011 (either to cancel or delay to June 25th weekend) Check the web page for updates at 
bulletYacht Club will not be available
bulletIf cancelled all entry fees will be refunded
bulletIf postponed to June 25th weekend, entry fees will only be refunded by request not later than three complete days prior. If you cannot make it, you would know by then (no later than June 21st @ 10:00 PM).  Cancellations after that (Jun 21st - 23rd inclusive) will result in 75% refund only. On or after June 24th there will be no refund.
bulletOn a positive note - A new store and gas bar (full serve) on Hwy 54 just east of Center St has opened. They will have premium gas,  a deli counter for sandwiches ect. and will be open early in morning -(4:30 am is tentative time - this will be confirmed and posted)
bulletThe Esso suffered a huge fire and is in process of re-building and it is anticipated it will be open for June 1st (this too will be updated later)
bulletWe are trying to make this event happen, are working hard to do what is necessary and we ask for your patience and consideration.
bulletWe will keep you posted. We are working with the SWT Executive to assure another great event.

If you have questions or concerns please contact me at 306 729-4428 or at 

Lion Ken Peters, Chairman 2011 Walleye Classic


April 26, 2011


Don't Panic: this is just a heads up advisory notice 

As many may know - Saskatchewan has seen a lot of flooding this year. Regina Beach is amongst the communities effected. Our Walleye Classic is scheduled for the June 4 & 5th weekend and hopefully will be the case.

However we must be prepared and also advise you that there may be a problem in that our Yacht Club and lake have significant increases on the water level that may jeopardize our tournament. The lake is up almost 6' and the main pier, the yacht club and the points at Regina Beach and Pelican are all under water and there is still water pouring into the lake (approx 4" - 6" per day) the breakwaters, piers and gas fill area at the Yacht club are under water and the lower level is overrun with water.

Our committee is currently holding meetings for an alternative plan B if necessary. We are meeting with water officials, Yacht club personnel, Sask. Walleye Trail personnel and of course local officials trying to arrange a satisfactory settlement and hopefully a great 20th Anniversary Tournament

I ask that you please monitor our Walleye website and check for email updates before travelling. We will maintain a regular update to the tournament

It is a possibility that the tournament will be later in season if we can not go. If cancelled all monies will be refunded but hopefully it will not come to that.

Lion Ken Peters
Tournament Chair 2011