President's Message 2011


Water, water and more water that was the theme of the 2011 fishing season.  Are we fishing tourneys this year?   That was the question, and it took a while to answer, but alas....... game on at Elbow 2011, with the water levels high and the fishing good it was decision time, for the majority they went to muck it out in Couteau Bay, but the brave few went for their big fish first at the Qu’Appelle end.  It was hit or miss for some, but in the end Mike Coupland and his partner went end to end each day to win by a whopping 5 lbs, and claim another title for the Coupland mantel.
With Regina Beach cancelled, it was a long wait for the Sask Landing tournament, and with all the water and new areas to fish it was sure to be a challenge.  Some people figured the bite out quickly and big weights came from the east boundary on day 1, but with the summer sun beating down and the big fish tough to come by, Sunday proved to be more of a challenge.  I heard of big fish coming unbuttoned, and people having there honey holes moved in on, but when the smoke cleared it was the
Oestreicher team standing on top, where they held on to their day 1 lead to claim the 2011 Walleye Classic.
With only 3 tournaments on the schedule this year, it was off to Rowans, for a shootout, with no drops in the points, it was certainly going to be interesting in the team and angler of the year categories.  Hot and flat calm? Seriously?  It’s September on Rowans, we are used to 60km winds and minus 1, but it was super summer conditions this year, and the big fish were biting (for some).  After witnessing some great fish coming out on Day 1 and seeing the enormous number of weights over 20lbs, it has to make you giddy when you truly understand the magnificent fishery we live so close to.  With Sunday being another hot calm day, it came down to 2 overs and 3 nice slots to finish the year off.  In the weigh in the rumors were Glen Boehme, then it was Delvin Kurshniryk, but when the dust settled, Stacey Wimpney and Derek Keen, edged out Delvin, by mere ounces to claim victory on Last Mountain Lake.  Delvin did manage another Championship Challenge boat, with Fred Cardinal holding his own and claiming the angler of the year title,  the stellar team of Terry Ewanchyna and Darwin Collins, just squeaked past Jay Dermody and Steve Malo, for Team of the Year title.
It was a year that could have been better, but certainly could have been much worse, there were lots of changes this year, and the new board did a great job of putting things together.  Considering the number of tournaments, our membership count was outstanding, and our sponsors were more than understanding.  We will continue to grow and strive to become even better in 2012, we really hope everyone is patient with the new tournament we are going to have in 2012 and stay excited to fish in 2012 as it is sure to be a real game changer.
Shane Belter 
Acting President