Due to our unusual circumstances of only running 3 tournaments this year we have had to change the qualifying rules for some awards and have introduced some new categories.  The board has had much discussion on these items and I'm sure there will be more throughout the year but be assured we are endeavouring to do our best to meet the needs of our members.  Here is a summary of the most important changes for 2011.  
  Angler or the Year - based on all 3 tournaments and must fish with 3 different partners, all partners must be SWT members.  
  Team of the Year - based on all 3 tournaments and must fish all 3 with the same partner, both partners must be SWT members.  
  Dooly's High Five Award - since this award is based on 5 events Mike and Marc Coupland who sponsor this category through their business, Dooly's, have introduced a new category for this year to recognize that not everyone will be able to qualify for the Team and Angler categories and may not be able to fish all 3 events.  
  The “Dooly’s Top Two” award will be presented to the team with the highest point standing in any two of the three 2011 tournaments, excluding the "Team of the Year" and/or "Championship Challenge" winners.  One or both of the team members may still fish a third tournament with a different partner and qualify for this award.  This will be a very exciting category because if one or both of the team members only fish two tournaments they could also win the SWT “Highest Finisher – 2 Tournaments” or they could fish a third tournament with different partners and one could win the SWT “Highest Finisher – 3 Tournaments”.  The “Highest Finisher – 3 Tournaments” award can be won by any SWT member that fishes all three tournaments, partners need not be SWT members for this award. "Team of the Year" winners and the "Angler of the Year" are excluded from winning the “Highest Finisher – 3 Tournaments” award.  
  We thank Mike and Marc for developing this category to provide incentive to the teams that won't be able to fish all 3 and therefore not qualify for Team of the Year.  
  If you haven't fished either the Elbow or Sask Landings events recently we hope you will consider this year as an  opportunity to fit them into your plans and experience the great fishing opportunities these tournaments can provide.  If you want to fish Rowan's but aren't on the grandfather list get your entry in as soon as possible to get on the waiting list.  If the waiting list is large they may consider increasing the field.  

The circumstances of 2011 has required a change of rules and categories for this year only and these and any future changes we may introduce for 2011 will supersede any previously published rules and categories including those on our 2011 membership form and shown elsewhere on the SWT website.