Saskatchewan Landing 2010 Recap

  Last year in an article titled "SL recap 2009" I wrote about the growth of the Sask Landing tournament and the improved fishing over the years and since I am so impressed with this tournament I thought I would write about it again.  In that article I presented a table of the teams and winning weights to show my point.  Here is the table again with the 2010 numbers added.  
Year # of
Weight (lbs)
2005 60 20.16
2006 70 30.52
2007 80 37.22
2008 91 42
2009 109 50.4
2010 97 41.3
  The organizers and competitors were worried that reports of high water, dirty water and flotilla would scare anglers off and severely reduce the number of teams.  One of the committee members mentioned that he was hoping they would have at least 80 teams and he was very happy when the tournament community rose to the challenge and 97 teams entered.  

You can see from the table that the numbers were similar to the 2008 tournament and even though the weight was down this year, 41.3 lbs to win is still a very high weight never seen at many tournaments.

  As far as the water reports, the water level was high, the highest I have ever seen and clarity was lower than usual but wasn't that bad and far as junk floating on the water it wasn't any worse than any other lake experiencing high water and we saw the odd log floating close to shore but had no problem running around the lake.

If you have had time to look at the complete results you will see that only a few teams did not weigh in their 5 fish each day and most of the teams with zero on day two probably just released their fish and didn't go through the weigh in.

The fishing was not as good as the great fishing last year but was still OK.  Once Brian and I got on the water Thursday the first point we stopped at put up 5 fish in less than 30 minutes and 3 of those were quality slots.  This put to rest our fears that the fishing would be like it was in the old days before the tournament moved its date back to avoid the dirty water conditions.  Unfortunately our first spot ended up being a typical reservoir spot, here today gone tomorrow.

The biggest fish of the tournament was 12.22 lbs and there were several others over 10 pounds but they pale in comparison to the 13.8 pound prefish walleye caught by Francis Kyle and Rod Smith.



photo courtesy of Shane Belter

  Francis and Rod definitely wish this fish would have waited 2 days before getting into their boat.  
  This tournament used to be known for the 10 to 25 mile runs down the lake to catch fish but for the last several years good weights continue to come from areas closer to the marina.  It was no secret this year that many of the top weights came from a 2 to 3 mile stretch of shore line just across from the marina and most of the teams didn't fish past Beaver Flats.  
  Aside from the fishing aspects, this tournament is outstanding, from the beer gardens to the live band playing on stage, the great community support, the awesome parade complete with RCMP blocking the highway, the well done commentary and updates during the weigh in, this tournament is top notch and should be on every tournament anglers must do list.  

D Deutscher