Email received from the Sask Landing Walleye Tournament Committee,   July 29, 2009  

The Sask. Landing Walleye Tournament Committee met last night to discuss the issue of the payouts for this year's tournament. 

They all agreed that the payouts were lower than they should have been.  They passed a motion that stated that 80% of our entry fee will be used as prize money.  Therefore, we will be mailing out payments to those who finished in the top 15. 

Would you please post an apology on your website from our Committee that we are sorry for the oversight and that we have rectified this problem.  They hope that all the participants are satisfied with this and come back again next year.

  The top 15 teams from the Sask Landing tournament should be very pleased to hear this news.

The miscalculated payments were probably an artifact of the computer program from previous tournaments where payments were based on a $250 entry and 150 teams rather that the 2009 format of a $300 entry and 125 teams. 

The tournament committee should be commended for this and in the words of Rob Furutani (SWT President), "...make sure that Sask Landing gets a tremendous pat on the back for not only recognizing the mistake but (for) making amends.  Good for them. They are a class actů"


Sask Landing Recap

  Since this brings the Sask Landing tournament back to mind I thought I would provide a recap of the tournament, this is something I had been hoping to start for all tournaments but never seem to get it done.

Fishing Reports for the weeks prior to the tournament were of clear water and good fishing and on tournament weekend Lake Diefenbaker did not disappoint.  From our team's perspective (Brian D & Dave D) the fishing was OK on Thursday, good on Friday, great on Saturday but slowed a bit on Sunday.  Sunday was an odd day, seems like there were good numbers of "overs" caught but many teams including us had a difficult time finding quality slot fish.  The total tournament weight for Sunday was down by about 160 lbs over the Saturday total.

To put a perspective on the quality of fishing, four weeks earlier on the same lake but 50 or so miles downstream Mike and Marc Coupland won the Riverhurst tournament with a weight of 30.65 lbs.  This same weight at the SL tournament would only have placed at 36th.  Keep in mind that the Coupland's weighed a day one weight of 28.18 lbs and ended the tournament in second place behind Ray Lamy and Dennis Blais who weighed an impressive 50.4 lbs.

Sask Landing used to be known as a tournament with a tough bite but for the past several years has been putting out some great weights that are rivalling that of our best tournaments in the province, i.e. the Last Mountain Fall tournament and even the Vanity.  The following table shows the increasing popularity of this tournament and that the fishing just keeps getting better.

Year # of
Weight (lbs)
2005 60 20.16
2006 70 30.52
2007 80 37.22
2008 91 42
2009 109 50.4

In addition to great walleye fishing, Sask Landing also has the potential for some some nice surprises.  On Saturday, Bryan Cafferata and Sean Porter were on their way to putting together a 16.3 lb  basket of walleye when Bryan thought he had snagged up but the snag soon pulled back and after a 45 minute battle the fish in the photo was brought to the boat and released.

The sturgeon was about 6 ft long and on Saturday at the beer garden Bryan stated that no matter how they end up in the tournament, after catching and releasing this fish the weekend fishing will have been well worth the price of the entry fee.  This indeed was a once in a lifetime tournament experience, but isn't the first time it has happened here, if I recall correctly, back in 2005, Darryl Ward and Randy Wihlidal had the same experience.

In addition to the fishing this event has one of the best parades with great town participation, an outstanding commentator for the weigh in procedure and an excellent award ceremony and beer garden.  Sask Landing, the town of Kyle and the organizing committee are proving that they can put on a real first class tournament.  I'm looking forward to this event being even bigger and better for next year.  If you haven't fished this one, consider giving it a try next year.


Dave D