A Carp Story  
  Submitted by Rob Furutani  
  August 17, 2005  
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On August 14, Pokey's Tackle and G&S Marina held a Carp tournament at Rowans Ravine. This was the second annual tournament and was a complete success as was the first one.   

As a walleye fisherman...I have a lot to learn about Carp fishing. I along with my partner Perry Pugh managed to scarf down a couple sandwiches, bag of seeds, and couple sausages, and a lot of crow as we didn't catch a dam thing. I did learn however not to set the hook very hard as I lost two fish by ripping the hook out of their mouths. Other "carp specialists" did manage to get fish as the winning team weighed in 104 pounds. Jag Prokopetz caught the biggest carp that came in over 32 pounds. A rare mirror carp was caught by Michael Snook that could qualify as a provincial record. The lead changed hands numerous times as Jag would catch one that would put him in the lead and then Kendra Shultz would take the lead with another fish but would give way almost immediately by the winners. Greg Prokopetz was kept literally running from one team to another to weigh the fish because as soon as one team would catch a fish and take the lead, another team would catch a bigger carp to overtake the lead. This went on right up to the final minutes and really was quite entertaining.  

If you have never tried Carp fishing before give Pokey's tackle or G&S Marina a call. They are definitely the experts when it comes to Carp and they can let you on what may be the best kept secret in Saskatchewan fishing.


Rob F