What Tournament Walleye Guys Do On Their Weekends Off
submitted by Bob Schlosser
July 6, 2005
  We all love the excitement of catching a Big Walleye! And how about catching it in a tournament WOW!

But we don't fish tournaments each and every weekend, so what do we do to make the time between go faster?

We go CAT Fishing!

 Kevin Hollerbaum with son Tanner, and George Pyne's son, Braden

This past weekend 12 of us ranging in age's from 8 - 65, took off on a trip to Lockport Manitoba to try for some BIG Cats. We had been planning this for several months and everything was lined up and ready to go, we had rooms right on the river we had bait, tackle, food, boats and everything you need to catch Cats. We were leaving Thursday night and we knew the times and places to meet and everything was a go, and then one of the guy's sees a TV news clip that talk's about the good Cat fishing that is happening, BUT that there is now severe flooding with much more rain on the way. The phone starts to ring and we are now questioning if we are nuts thinking we should still go, we place a call to Stu McKay the owner of Cats On the Red which is who we are booked with and Stu tells us that the water is higher then he has ever seen it in the summer, on 2 occasions he's seen it higher in the spring but never in the summer. After some long discussions Stu tells us that it is safe to fish but the facilities are somewhat hampered due to high water but we are all fairly experienced boaters and fisherman and we should have no problem using the now modified launch, We Are On Our Way!

Four trucks, Four boats and 12 excited Cat fisherman are on their way, 1st stop the Dairy Queen in Moosomin, for the kid's ya know, next stop a few miles this side of Winnipeg so one truck could bring fuel back to the dummy that ran out (1st time in 32 yrs of driving) I can't believe I did that. We finally all arrived at Lockport at about midnight and can't believe what we saw. The parking lot and the boat launch that are located directly below our cabins are gone and the river is now running by, leaving us about 10 feet of beach front or should I say parking lot front. So what do 12 very tired fisherman do....Break out the fishing gear!!!!

We set up the lawn chairs and as Stu says became the first fisherman to ever catch cats in the parking lot. We couldn't believe it, as we fished until 4:30 in the morning before we said we need to shut it down if we wanted to be up by 8. We had a very success few hours with almost everyone catching a couple of cats that night. And the next 2 nights were even better, and we started something as some of the other cabin occupants followed the lead and joined in.

Well 8 am came very quickly and although we now realized we were crazy staying up till 4:30 we did manage to get breakfast done and have the boats launched shortly after 10:00am. The plan was that the water was so high and the current was so fast we would try to find some corners where they may be a back eddy or some slack water, everyone experimented in some different area's all fairly close to the launch and found the best water just a few hundred yards down stream of the launch, we found the further down stream you went the more weed you would pick up on your line, so we ended up all anchored within site of each other. The gear we used was all pretty much the same, heavy outfits with 20lb test, we used a 3 oz Cat weight (available at Stu's) and about an 18" snell with 3/0 Widebend Eagleclaw hooks, the bait of choice was shrimp in the shell, sucker works as well. We would anchor up cast or drop our rigs and wait for the action. We were lucky as the fishing was very good as our group very easily boated over 200 cats ranging from 4 oz up to 27 lbs.

I have Cat fished before and have had a good time but this trip is one for the books and I'm sure we will go back and as I said earlier, use it as a good way to fill in those gaps between hopefully catching that Big Walleye at the next Tournament.

The next time anyone sees George Pyne ask him how his anchors are working!!