Regina Beach Tournament, June 6 - 7, 2015


Highest finishing New SWT Member

Linda and Delvin Kushniryk

$200 cash

Trevor Payne, 2nd

60th place

Rochdale Carwash

$100 gift certificate

Mike Haydon & Calvin Andres

55th place

Sask. Walleye Trail


Tony Hadi & Travis Taylor

50th place

Bocados Restaurant


Jullian Droulliard & Shane Welch, 51st

45th place

Sask. Walleye Trail


Michael Flasch & Dorrie Hannouch

40th place

Sask. Battery

2-27 series batteries (certificate)

Bob Schlosser & Kevin Hollerbaum, 41st

35th place

Sask. Walleye Trail


Carl & Colby Humphreys, 36th

30th place

Cramer Livestock Nutrition


Brad & Dawson Abbot

25th place

Macks Lure

Prize package

Colby & Nelson Schnieder, 26th

20th place

Last Mountain Distillery

Prize package

Darryl Fredrickson & Cory Bjornson


Bergen’s Autobody

Prize package

Steve Primrose

15th place

Bagley Tackle Company

Prize package

Rory Barbot & Jeff Clarke, 13th

10th place

PK Lures

Prize package

Paul Brunette & Glen Boehme

Cool Under Pressure

Crazy Charley’s Building Products


Steve Taylor & Mike Copeland, 63 places

Big Fish

Kevin’s Marine

Prize Package

Sheldon Crone & Trevor Payne, 13.10 lbs
King of the River Innovation Credit Union $1000 Paul Brunette

Skeleton Challenge

GLoomis / Shimano

2 E6X rods

Tom Thul, 10.22 lbs
Phil Lopinski, 9.00 lbs