Shimano/Loomis has informed us that the Skeleton Challenge will run again this year with two rods awarded at each tournament and the winner of the promotion will receive a $1000 Loomis gift certificate.  Stay tuned for details.  
  SWT members that purchase a Loomis rod in 2014 and provide proof of purchase prior to the tournament, will be eligible.  Loomis will provide 2 rods at each event to be awarded to an individual or team that catches the biggest fish of the Skeleton Challenge registrants, if only one member of that team is registered they will win one rod and the second rod will go to the next biggest fish caught by a registrant.   A copy of the entry form is below and be sure to attach a copy of your store receipt.  Proof of purchase is required.

Note: To qualify for the $1000 certificate both team members must be SWT members.  The $1000 certificate will be awarded for the largest walleye of the year caught by a qualified entrant at a 2014 SWT tournament.

  The Elbow tournament winners were Mark Cote (11.26 lbs) and Tim White (9.02 lbs).  

Loomis Skeleton Challenge Entry Form