If you plan to enter into the Skeleton Challenge don't forget to purchase your Loomis rods before the Rowan's tournament.  

Skeleton Challenge form

  LOOMIS RODS will continue the Skeleton Challenge again this year.  SWT members that purchase a Loomis rod in 2013 and provide proof of purchase prior to the tournament, will be eligible.  Loomis will provide 2 rods at each event to be awarded to an individual or team that catches the biggest fish of the Skeleton Challenge registrants, if only one member of that team is registered they will win one rod and the second rod will go to the next biggest fish caught by a registrant.  At the Last Mountain Fall tournament, if a Skeleton Challenge registered team wins the big fish of tournament Loomis will award an additional $1500 cash in addition to any awards from the tournament or the big fish pool.  If the big fish winner is not a Skeleton Challenge participant the $1500 cash will not be awarded but in its place Loomis will provide $2000 in product to the largest walleye caught by a Skeleton Challenge registered team.  Note:  To qualify for the $1500 cash or $2000 product awards both team members must have purchased a Loomis rod from a Canadian Supplier after January 1st, 2013 and be registered in the Challenge.  Tournament big fish rules (i.e. live release) will apply in all cases.  Both team members must be SWT members.