Changes to SWT scoring and awards to accommodate Regina Beach date change.  
  For 2013, Regina Beach standings will not be used to determine Team of the Year, Angler of the Year, Mixed Team of the Year and runners up for these awards.  As decided at the Annual General Meeting by a vote of the attending members the points for these awards will be based on the best 3 out of 4 tournaments.

The Championship Challenge will still take place at Rowans and qualifiers will be selected as in previous years, therefore anyone that fishes the three preceding tournaments will qualify plus anglers that meet the other qualifying requirements.

All the regular SWT individual tournament prizes will be awarded at Regina Beach and Regina Beach results will be used to determine the yearly awards for big fish of the year, heaviest one day weight and best out of 1, 2 and 3 tournaments.

16 of the 20 $500 draw prizes will be awarded at Rowan's Ravine but 4 will be held over and awarded at Regina Beach.  All entries from the first four tournaments will remain in the draw and all SWT members that fish Regina Beach will have an additional entry into the draw.  Members are only eligible to win a maximum of one of these draw prizes.

All caveats still apply, the SWT may make changes to prizes or structure if required and if any prize/award becomes unavailable the prize/award will not be presented and the SWT and/or the tournament organizers are not obligated or responsible to replace the prize or award.