The Skeleton Challenge registration requirements have been changed to allow only one team member to be registered to qualify for a GL2 rod award.  If one team member is registered, one rod will be awarded, if both members are registered two rods will be awarded.  This will be the case for all five tournaments but note that both team members will still need to be registered at the Last Mountain Fall Tournament (Rowan's Ravine) to qualify for the chance to win double the big fish pool.  All other rules and requirements remain unchanged.  

May 22, 2012


Shimano is pleased to announce the G. Loomis Skeleton Challenge for the 2012 SWT tournaments.

The Skeleton Challenge will be a big fish (must be live releasable) competition amongst Skeleton Challenge registered teams at each of the five SWT tournaments.  The Skeleton Challenge team that weighs the largest live releasable walleye will win 2 G. Loomis GL2 rods.  In addition to awarding 2 rods at each tournament, if the winner of the Skeleton Challenge at the Last Mountain Fall tournament (Rowan’s Ravine) also wins the tournament big fish pool, Shimano will double the amount of the big fish pool. 

To qualify, each team member must have purchased a G. Loomis rod from a Canadian dealer after January 1st, 2012 and register their purchases with the SWT prior to the tournament.  As with most of our SWT prizes, at least one member of the team must have a current SWT membership to qualify for the award.  It will be each qualifying team’s responsibility to request that their largest walleye is weighed separately and that they have a weigh slip indicating the weight of the walleye. 

Registration Form and Rules

We will go over this at the Elbow rules meeting.  We will also have registration forms available.  Feel free to email me if you have any questions.



May 19, 2012



Prizes and categories are subject to change. For what ever reason that a sponsors prize is no longer available it is not the responsibility of the Saskatchewan Walleye Trail to replace the prize or award. The prize/award category will be eliminated.